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What could be more historically romantic than a sail around Sydney’s harbour in a tall ship? And the cost of something I’ve longed to do could be written off – always a plus for authors.

Well, the sailing and bounding main sounded wonderful. Sydney harbour at any time is beautiful, but especially in May when they are having their Lights festival. But however wonderful they may be, they do not mitigate cold rain. Lots of rain. 

I was first in line for the next sailing. That cold rain mentioned above poured down on my head (no umbrella or hat), over my glasses (removed and placed in a pocket) and me (the big drip!). The romance of a night time sail faded quickly. The temperature dropped. No break in the clouds offered the slightest reprieve. 

I shivered. And dripped. I squinted. And dripped. I sneezed. And dripped. Unable to see without my glasses, and unable to see when water poured over the lenses, I capitulated.

Next time, for sure. 


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"With equal measures of humour and heart, Marilyn Temmer skilfully writes a world from a bygone era. Her characters spring from the page and make us long for a simpler time when dancing meant a waltz." Terry Fallis

Lavinia and her two sisters have changed their names and left their home town in an effort to escape the clutches of their guardian's brother, Cyrus.

Sam Blake recognizes "his lady" at first sight. But he has no idea that the Spencer sisters are independent, business-owning, bicycle-riding modern women.

See what happens when Sam dons sword and shield and endeavors to save his lady from certain ruin.

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