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Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb

What a storyteller - Nora Roberts entertained her audience from her very first book, and she just keeps getting better and better! The Search is a favourite of mine. I just loaned it to a friend who has a new puppy. Read it and find out why.J.D....
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Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick

The heroines peopling Amanda Quick’s books have inspired my next novel. Quick takes us to England late in the reign of Queen Victoria. Fog, hansom cabs, and street sweepers; gentlemen with courtly manners and those from the underworld combine to...
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"With equal measures of humour and heart, Marilyn Temmer skilfully writes a world from a bygone era. Her characters spring from the page and make us long for a simpler time when dancing meant a waltz." Terry Fallis

Lavinia and her two sisters have changed their names and left their home town in an effort to escape the clutches of their guardian's brother, Cyrus.

Sam Blake recognizes "his lady" at first sight. But he has no idea that the Spencer sisters are independent, business-owning, bicycle-riding modern women.

See what happens when Sam dons sword and shield and endeavors to save his lady from certain ruin.

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