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It's tomorrow. May 2! My first reading. Before the event, quite a while before, actually, one contemplates with awe, trepidation and smugness the prospect of standing before (hopefully) a group of more than 3 people and giving a reading. From one's very own book.


But then the day approaches. How many pages comprise 15 minutes? Timed at home, read with conviction, delivered with elan, and at a measured pace, all is well. Then panic raises its ugly head. When I'm nervous my rate of speech approaches a speed that rivals a NASCAR winner.


I know that my good friend and fellow author, Maggie Petru, will wave a metaphorical chequered flag if I exceed my alloted time by an embarrassing margin. She will also give me a "slow down" hand signal. All wonderful in theory, but along with the babblespeak, nervousness also inhibits my ability to see and hear.


And what should I take in terms of visual aids? There is a fine line between one or two objects of interest and a suitcase of goodies.


You will notice that we've yet to mention selecting the passage to be read. If it's too far into the book, it might not make sense. I would have to reveal too much of the plot in order to give the audience context.


And just how many books should one have on hand? Too many would be presumptuous. Too few, an undervaluing of the work. Needless to say the carton of books rests in the car: the quandary is how many to bring into the room.


Check this site for a report on yet another new experience for a first-time novelist!


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Sam Blake recognizes "his lady" at first sight. But he has no idea that the Spencer sisters are independent, business-owning, bicycle-riding modern women.

See what happens when Sam dons sword and shield and endeavors to save his lady from certain ruin.

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