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Women in the Victorian had a wide variety of occupations. These included lodging house keepers, tea sellers, dressmakers, milliners, toy dealers, grocers, fishmongers and china dealers, to name but a few. In Lavinia, Sophy is a milliner—a highly skilled trade, with an apprenticeship of many years’ duration. In addition to superb mechanical skills, a successful milliner had to have an unerring eye for colour, decoration, and the ability to match a hat with a face.


Writers' Festivals

1000 Islands Writers Festival Writing isn’t just about writing. And research. It also encompasses professional development—quite the most rewarding part of the entire process—and wrought with skill by this particular festival! Small....
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The Little Town That Keeps On Growing

Marcher Mills, an imaginary town set in southern Ontario, keeps welcoming the new characters in Marilyn Temmer’s books. The latest to arrive are three sisters endeavouring to escape a threat of blackmail. Each has a business. Lavinia’s is...
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"With equal measures of humour and heart, Marilyn Temmer skilfully writes a world from a bygone era. Her characters spring from the page and make us long for a simpler time when dancing meant a waltz." Terry Fallis

Lavinia and her two sisters have changed their names and left their home town in an effort to escape the clutches of their guardian's brother, Cyrus.

Sam Blake recognizes "his lady" at first sight. But he has no idea that the Spencer sisters are independent, business-owning, bicycle-riding modern women.

See what happens when Sam dons sword and shield and endeavors to save his lady from certain ruin.

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